Worldview Art Center has showcased engaging artwork created by local artists in Pop-Up Settings at locations throughout the Near West Side of Milwaukee. Thus far we have repurposed a duplex generously provided by the Five O’Clock Steakhouse as well as presented shows at the warehouse space of Inspired Artisans’ Clybourn location. As we continue to look for a place to call home we will be featuring a local artist using a virtual gallery platform.


A man with his hands on his head. FEATURED NEAR WEST SIDE ARTIST-  LEROY SKALSTAD Leroy grew up on a small farm west of Holy Hill. His mother was an avid photographer. In 1956, at 8 years old, he asked her to buy him a camera because, for him, the concept of freezing time was the most incredible thing. However, she said he’d have to make the money to buy… Read More


A poster for an exhibition featuring paintings by dr. Corey j brandt Caveat Emptor Staged in a repurposed warehouse space provided by Inspired Artisans, the show Caveat Emptor featured prints and multiples from the collection of Dr. Cory Brandt. The collection was amassed between 2013-2015 via televised auctions and included works potentially attributable to Picasso, Audubon, Dali Miro, and a number of other notable artists. Caveat Emptor raised questions… Read More
A poster for past present future exhibit. Past Present Future Worldview’s second show was held in a repurposed warehouse hosted by Inspired Artisans. Building off the momentum of the inaugural show, Worldview staff and volunteers built movable walls to exhibit the works of painter Brenda Smith, photographer Leroy Skalstad, and painter Chuck Dwyer.Also exhibited were a group of photographs of Lyle Oberwise in conjunction with… Read More
A blue and yellow poster with the words " world view art center " on it. Discovering the Near West Side On March 14th of 2019, Worldview Art Center staged its first pop-up exhibition that showcased practicing artists as well as archival photographs of Milwaukee’s Near West Side. Located at 2422 W. State St. next door to The Five O’ Clock Steakhouse, the exhibition provided viewers with a historical context in which to view past and… Read More