Worldview Art Center is a visual arts non-profit that engages the neighborhoods of the Near West Side of Milwaukee through grassroots arts initiatives, pop-up events, as well as virtual exhibition experiences. Enhancing the quality of life for our community through engagement in the visual arts, Worldview invites residents to explore their own creativity.


Greetings from The Near West Side of Milwaukee! With Winter in full swing, I thought it would be a great opportunity to reflect on Worldview’s progress and announce our upcoming initiatives.

Over the past few years, Worldview has had the pleasure of presenting well-attended Pop-Up Gallery Exhibitions that brought attention to local artists on the Near West Side. Our Pop-Up Boutique garnered a number of sales for participating artists and the crowd enjoyed some great community artists’ work as a jazz duo played a hot set.  

Worldview is pleased to announce our first scheduled event of 2024: The Art Bag Initiative. Working with artists and educators, Worldview will be dispersing art supplies to the residents of the Near West Side of Milwaukee. We are grateful for the support of The Five O’Clock Steakhouse whose Sponsorship makes this initiative possible.

New to our website is our Featured Artist segment. Leroy Skalstad, an amazing street photographer from The Near West Side, is our first featured artist. His love of photography from a young age, his battle with homelessness, and his servant’s heart are inspiring. Leroy’s award-winning Portraits are available for viewing in a virtual gallery via our website:

We are also reaching out to Creatives (that’s all of us) to participate in a virtual book club discussing The Artist’s Way, a groundbreaking book with exercises aimed at enhancing one’s creativity. The group will begin meeting this Spring.

Thank you to the long list of individuals and businesses who have volunteered their time and expertise to help Worldview succeed. A special thank you to Five O’Clock Steakhouse and Inspired Artisan’s for providing space and catering our well-attended events.

We look forward to continuing to enhance the quality of life for the residents of The Near West Side through engagement in the visual arts. 


Erik Eide
Founding Director


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Artist’s Way Book Club Worldview is hosting a virtual book club for Milwaukee Creatives that’s all of us, that will discuss the renowned book: The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity.  The revered book by author Julia Cameron guides readers through exercises to help with artistic creative recovery, teaching techniques to assist people in gaining self-confidence in… Read More